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Prendendo spunto dalla recente presentazione della BMW Concept Coupé Mille Miglia, Robert Cumberford riflette sul ruolo delle concept car nell’attuale panorama del design automobilistico. La BMW è un prototipo vero, con una vera funzione [...]

By |2015-12-11T16:09:06+01:0018 October 2006|ARCHIVE, EXTRA|

Lost empires

After his annual visit to the Detroit Show, Robert Cumberford analyses the difficult situation of the United States auto industry, afflicted as it is by a profound crisis brought on by lack of sales and [...]

By |2015-12-02T17:23:01+01:0019 April 2006|ARCHIVE, EXTRA|

The roaring forties

A tempestuous and unpredictable surge of creativity marks the advent of a new wave of forty-year-old designers all ready to take on the world. Robert Cumberford analyses the current ferment among the motor manufacturers following [...]

By |2015-11-30T17:20:31+01:0020 October 2004|ARCHIVE, EXTRA|

Enough of nostalgia

Why do so many car designers and manufacturers insist on revamping more or less successful models from the past, when they could be inventing something new? That is the question considered in Robert Cumberford's Opinion [...]

By |2015-11-26T11:30:27+01:0018 February 2004|ARCHIVE, EXTRA|
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