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Two American brands, Chrysler and GM, and the Japanese brand Honda. The Centre for Creative Studies, its Automotive Design course and its Senior and Junior students. These are the ingredients for the elaborate design recipe that produced the proposals described here. Responding to three separate design briefs – one for each brand – the realistic and original proposals look to a post-crisis future with optimism and imagination.

The Senior students of the final semester of the Automotive Design course were asked to reinvent the image of the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands for 2020. Organised into teams of three, the students developed more or less innovative packages presented as virtual renderings and, in some cases, also as scale models.

The projects considered the profound changes sweeping through the automotive industry, the need to develop alternative energy resources and the coexistence of products on the market, which means that they must be significantly differentiated to cater for each segment and target to prevent internecine competition and to satisfy the demands of the clientele.

The four proposals described here were selected for their potential appeal in the automotive market of the next decade, and for their iconic value.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 181

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