The braking system as an element of style. The idea of colouring calipers came to the people at Brembo in 1992, and over time it has become a veritable signature that makes this brand’s products recognisable at a glance. In 26 years the design of alloy wheels in cars has also evolved, and they tend to be more and more open, thus making visible many technical and structural components that were once hidden. Today, the same manufacturers offer coloured brake calipers as hallmark styling of their cars, to bolster and characterise their image. And as demand has increased, so has supply. In addition to the 100 different shades available, Brembo is also able to tailor make new colours for manufacturers.


The attention to aesthetics is also found in Stylema, the Brembo product reserved for motorcycles. The name comes from the crasis (in the Italian words) of style and stilema (styling cue) and its technical features are expressed by a design inspired by speed and performance, emotion and technology. The pared-down design of Stylema, is due to the need to lighten its mass, emptying it of every superfluous gramme. The exact lines of the geometric surfaces are consistent with the latest generation of sports bikes that will fit this caliper.


The Brembo logo stands out in bas-relief in the centre, while the air intake that connects to the upper ribbing thanks to the two edges, makes the design more aggressive and sharper. The aim is to increase the airflow around the pads, allowing for rapid cooling. The sculptural shape makes the caliper compact, light and a high performer, a typical example of style that finds its fulfilment in function.

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