The Fiat Fastback is a hybrid between SUV, sedan and coupe. Unveiled for the first time at the São Paulo Motor Show, wants to represent the essence of Italian design made in Brazil. The model was fully designed at the Latam Design Center, located at the Fiat Automotive Polo in Betim (MG), and anticipates the brand’s vision for future launches. “A concept car is a playground for experimenting with new ideas, shapes and materials,” said Peter Fassbender, director of Latam Design Center. “You need to thrill, generate curiosity and interest, that will to get close. And we did it, “adds the executive, referring to the São Paulo Motor Show.


Daniel Gerzson, FCA’s Exterior Design leader, explains that lines and shapes lavish sportiness and elegance with boldness. He also details the reasons for choosing the name: “We seek simplicity, in homage to pure Italian design.” Following the Wrap Around concept, a line surrounds the entire model without interruptions, giving the feeling of continuity in every detail. At the front, new positions were adopted for the two LED optical groups. The main look, at the top, delivers the sensations of speed and elegance that mark the imposing personality and, at the same time, humanity. At the bottom, the second optical group is surrounded by a metal ring that integrates with the grid in horizontal blades and creates an accurate design between the pieces, bringing refinement and width to the front set.


The rear, with its characteristic fastback glass and dynamic fall, appears with agile lines, completing the look of strong emotion. The LED flashlights refer to the front set, loaded with boldness and refinement. The visual strength of the bottom is accentuated with leaks at the ends of the bumper. On the right side, the Fastback signature is also revealed. Unprecedented, the vibrant metallic color, Moonstone, has been carefully developed to create an intense reflection and striking contrast, like a gemstone. Just as on the outside, the inside is inspired by Italian design, with flowing and sculptural surfaces to create a sense of well-being, engagement and comfort.


The atmosphere of home was another strong reference, with the touch of the design of the products of our day to day. FCA’s Interior Design Leader, Rafael Peixoto, highlights the creative freedom that concept cars allow. “We have the opportunity to experience and express ideas with greater freedom. Inside Fiat Fastback, we extrapolated the design attributes so as to create a light atmosphere with sculpted volumes, “he says. The Fiat Fastback is Fiat’s eighth concept car. The birth of the model began on paper, with hand-drawn drawings. Already with the first lines defined, the next step was the 3D in the computer. From virtual to real, the model took shape in clay in the dimension 1:4, to be perfected before being re-digitized for the model 1:1.

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