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Issue no. 226 summary

Cover story Land Rover Range Rover Velar, simplicity and refinement
It’s the most aerodynamic Range Rover ever, with a drag coefficient of 0.32. Almost a miracle. Because, as Gerry McGovern says, “Bricks aren’t very aerodynamic”. Perhaps the explanation lies in the fact that the new Velar launched… by Fabio Galvano

Design Story Mazda CX-5, expressed energy
Not many years ago, the Mazda designers tended to find their inspiration in nature: first a fish, then a bird, or an impetuous wave. Now that the password is Kodo – the soul of motion – they need new labels. Which is why the CX-5 … by Fabio Galvano

Interview Robin Page, winning continuity
A magical moment of growth and continuity at the same time. The appointment of Robin Page to Senior Vice President Design of Volvo Car, a role in which he succeeds Thomas Ingenlath, appointed CEO of Polestar… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Interview Amko Leenarts, emotional territories
Seventeen house moves in twenty-two years. This fact is not reported in the CV of Amko Leenarts, freshly appointed Director of Design of Ford Europe, but it is symptomatic of his propensity to re-programme himself… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Lifestyle&Design Mazda, design experience
Learn at first hand what happens behind the curtain of discretion that veils a style centre; become part of the process of defining a design; actually help to create it from scratch together with the professionals. All this can… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Seat Arona, the family complete
A “baby Suv”? A little breezy crossover? However you want to look at it, the Seat Arona represents, in the words of Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, “this cycle’s maturity”… by Fabio Galvano

Design story Alpine A110, functional form
When you sit next to Anthony Villain, design chief of the glorious Dieppe brand, you immediately feel that any conversation with him about style will unfold in a rather different way than usual… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design project Lexus Skyjet, interplanetary style
How will we move around in 2704? Lexus’s answer is the Skyjet, created in partnership with film director Luc Besson and produced by EuropaCorp film studio. The little jet was conceived… by Edoardo Nastri

Concept car Chery Tiggo Coupe, fun to drive
The Tiggo Coupe concept is a look into the future design direction of the Chery brand, a Chinese automaker that has made huge strides since executive design director James Hope was brought in to… by Eric Gallina

Surfaces&Design Sabelt, sports Dna and high technology
Sabelt’s far-sighted view of the world of cars has distant roots. It was 1972 when the company, one of the first worldwide to focus on safety, began to make … by Marta Cinti

Boat&Design Yacht living
A new way of perceiving the design of nautical interiors is emerging. This is inspired more and more by the idea of “home living” that directly involves… by Ali Filippini

Boat&Design Lexus Sport Yacht, beyond the automotive
Drive designer imagination beyond the automotive. That was the goal that led to the making of the Lexus Sport Yacht, a working prototype of a sports boat for 6/8 people… by Edoardo Nastri

Surfaces&Design Tyres, smart and connected
The role of the tyre is changing. While the optimisation of dynamic performance in all running conditions will continue to underlie everything, the predictions pointing in our future to increasingly… by Alberto Calliano

School RCA/CNH Industrial, sustainable innovation
Simple design, low cost and environmental sustainability. These three fundamental precepts formed the basis of the proposals developed by the students of the Royal College of Art in London… by Marta Cinti

School TAD PoliMi, ecodynamic design
To what extent might good aerodynamics affect the eco-sustainability of tomorrow’s cars? How would the cars that populate our urban and suburban areas change if their design… by Marta Cinti

Design project Seat 600, between past and present
The first impact brings to mind the signature light blue which, with other pastel shades, brought cheer to the streets of European cities in the years of the economic boom. But when you… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design contemporaneo, istruzioni per l’uso – Società Editrice Il Mulino… by Alberto Bassi


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