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Issue no. 236 summary

Anniversary Forty years on display
When the first issue of Auto&Design was published in the autumn of 1979, nobody could yet have imagined the profound transformations that the advent of digital technologies would bring to its two relevant sectors: publishing and automotive design… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Design trends Five trends from Geneva
This year, numerous stands vibrated with the colour of the sun: a warm, welcoming tone, similar to that of the famous risotto from Milan… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Cover story Range Rover Evoque, object of desire
The Range Rover Evoque launched in 2010 wrote an important chapter in the story of the Land Rover. “Apart from its excellent market results, this was a vehicle that triggered a change in our culture”, explains Gerry McGovern… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Interview Gorden Wagener / Mercedes-Benz, the most beloved luxury
Electrification, self-driving, AI – artificial intelligence. The future is just around the corner and designers must be ready for the big change that will bring about zero-emission or robotic mobility, providing new shapes and… by Edoardo Nastri

Concept car Citroën Ami One, sharing creativity
Of all the boundaries on tomorrow’s motoring landscape, one of the most stimulating to emerge is shared mobility, which promises to profoundly change the daily lives of millions of people in… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Polestar 2, electric identity
The Polestar 1 is an impressive hybrid supercar with which Volvo’s offshoot brand launched in October 2017. According to Thomas Ingenlath, the Polestar 2 “is built on our design DNA, but is also our… by Fabio Galvano

Concept car GFG Kangaroo, when the road doesn’t matter
To escape traditional typologies and their related limitations of use, imagining an alternative mobility not so much in its propulsion, which is obviously electric, but in the search horizon of the pleasure of driving … by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Renault Clio, the fifth revolution
Rewriting an icon is never an easy task. “A special challenge,” says Laurens van den Acker introducing the fifth generation of the Renault Clio in Geneva: “We had to protect what was… by Fabio Galvano

Concept car Italdesign DaVinci, Italian-style GT
Now in its fourth generation, the Suzuki Jimny does not betray the openly offroad spirit that has distinguished it since its beginnings in the early 70s. Two decades after the release of the previous version… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Concept car Kia Imagine, forgetting electric
Anyone who has been able to visit the last edition of the Geneva Motor Show, as well as all the other international exhibitions in recent years, has necessarily come across an overwhelming percentage of proposals with zero emissions…by Silvio jr. Suppa

Concept car Volkswagen ID. Buggy, “retro-free” design
“The aim was clear: to give fresh design life to an icon through essential, modern lines, without betraying its spirit”. Klaus Bischoff, head of design for the Volkswagen brand, immediately goes right to the heart of the concept car project… by Edoardo Nastri

Concept car Seat el-born 
It’s called el-Born, after the name of one of the most iconic districts of Barcelona, and it marks the entry of Spain (in other words Seat) in the race for electric mobility. It was a concept item at the Geneva Motor Show and, with the same name and minimal changes, it will be mass-produced from… by Fabio Galvano

Design story Toyota Supra, condensed and extreme
The Toyota Supra revealed this year is the fifth generation of the iconic nameplate and the first all-new model in 21 years. It’s also the first time Toyota has collaborated with BMW to develop a vehicle… by Eric Gallina

Industrial design 2019 Furniture Show, design in interiors
The Salone del Mobile 2019 sees confirmation that furniture companies are tending to propose interior solutions earmarked for the real estate sector and turnkey projects rather than develop individual products for the residential sector… by Ali Filippini

Concept car IED / Honda Tomo, a four-wheeled friend
It all started with a manga story. In the year 2025, Coner, a talented IED student with a brilliant soul and also a dreamer, developed a passionate interest for environmental issues and decided to balance his life between… by Marta Cinti


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