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Issue no. 235 summary

IT&Design Minimalist interface
Minimalism and innovative man-machine interfaces designed for the car of tomorrow and the day after, but as always derived from consumer electronics that is becoming more and more integrated with the automotive world… by Mario Cianflone

Cover story AP Battista by Pininfarina, praise of fluency
If a semiotician or a mere observer of customs were to wonder what matter the dreams of motorists of the last 89 years are made of, he would encounter many and provocative answers between the walls of a small, historical museum in Cambiano (Turin)… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Audi e-tron, progressive language
A top-class SUV, and electric too, but without giving up on the Audi design language. Mission accomplished? According to Philipp Römers “The e-tron is functional, but good looking at the same time.” “The proportions are… by Fabio Galvano

Interview Moray Callum/Ford, the advantage of tradition
Historical tradition and a changing world, electric cars and the global market: how does design respond to a context in continuous and rapid evolution? We put this question to Moray Callum, VP Design of Ford… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Interview Ralph Gilles/FCA Group, up to the last mile
At a Detroit Show that seems to have done away with half measures between powerful sports cars and mighty “light trucks”, we meet Ralph Gilles, Head of Design of the entire FCA group… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Concept car Infiniti QX Inspiration, the new electric age
Meticulous forms, clean surfaces and painstaking attention to detail. Infiniti presented its QX Inspiration at the last Detroit Show. This concept with medium sized Suv architecture aims to tell us a lot about itself through design… by Edoardo Nastri

Concept car Nissan IMs, like a flying carpet
Suv and saloon architectures meet in the IMs, the zero-emission concept car that Nissan unveiled at the last Detroit Motor Show. “The advances made in the area of electric cars and autonomous driving have allowed our designers… by Edoardo Nastri

Design story Mazda3, the hatchback’s revenge
An evolution that does not repudiate the past, but on the contrary takes the value of the Pininfarina brand to a new dimension as a provider of all-round design services, from mobility to product design and architecture… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Suzuki Jimny, uncompromising off-roader
Now in its fourth generation, the Suzuki Jimny does not betray the openly offroad spirit that has distinguished it since its beginnings in the early 70s. Two decades after the release of the previous version… by Marta Cinti

Interview Daniele Gaglione/JAC Italy, revolution in the East
Daniele Gaglione is the new General Manager and Design Director of the Turin-based JAC Italy Style Centre. After a period in the Fiat group, in Alfa Romeo to be precise (he was responsible for the line of…by Francesco Barontini

Concept car Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic, multifunctional autonomy
While autonomous driving is now an industry buzz word, implementation of such future mobility still seems some way away. Even so, the Mercedes-Benz commercial van division has taken up the challenge of… by Wim Oude Weernink

Concept vehicle New Holland Fiat Centenario, a century of history
Just one look at the orange bodywork of this New Holland Fiat Centenario takes you back in your mind to thirty years ago. It was exactly that terracotta colour that characterised the final period of production of FiatAgri, that… by Francesco Barontini

Industrial design Linky, pocket-size mobility
Once again it is Italian genius that got there first. The youngsters – they’re all youngsters – from the Linky start-up have carefully analysed what was missing to bridge the gap of the so-called last mile, namely the often short distance… by Ali Filippini

Bike&Design Cake Kalk, new geometries on two wheels
While in the world of cars the engine always exerts a strong influence on the shape, when it’s a matter of the exposed, bare structure of a motorcycle, the bond between mechanics and style becomes incredibly tight… by Silvio jr. Suppa


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