Issue no. 238 summary

Analysis From the track to the road
The competition world has always played the part of technical and technological laboratory for the automobile industry. The progress achieved with race cars gradually spread to road models. It still happens today and not just with… by Pietro Cardone

Interview Tom Matano, love at first sight
“Who among you, having parked your car, turns and looks around for it? I still do with my first 1989 Miata”. Tom Matano, project head for the design of the first-generation MX-5 (Miata in the USA), has always loved Italian cars… by Edoardo Nastri

Cover story Case Project Tetra, working with style
The Case Project Tetra concept was conceived about a year ago by Carl Gustav himself, the new president of Case Construction. Gustav wanted to see how far one could go in terms of the design of and innovation… by Francesco Barontini

Design story Ford Puma, hidden functionality
From the first glance, the clean and artfully muscular lines wink at those who love the crossover transposition of that pleasant dynamism once reserved for the Coupé. “While we were drawing… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Rebirth BMW Garmisch, seconda vita
Some cars are before all else stories to be told. The BMW Garmisch is one of them. In its short and mysterious first life, this elegant coupé designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Design news Brembo stile, performance and innovation
For over 50 years, Brembo’s braking systems have been pervaded by a mix of technology, innovation and aesthetics, the latter aspect continuing to grow in importance as feedback from both customers and end users remains positive… by Edoardo Nastri

Design story Kia XCeed, sporty flavour
In the flashy explosion of interpretations that marks the crossover universe, by now the dominant type of car, it is always nice to encounter proposals that germinated within a less orthodox creative process. On that note,… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Opel Corsa, upscale the B-segment
The new Corsa signals a multiple break with Opel’s past. Not only is it the first all-new mass-volume model Opel has developed under PSA Group ownership. It also redefines the concept of the compact segment’s… by Wim Oude Weernink

Design story Pininfarina Karma GT, dreaming of California
Reinterpreting a model that was created in another part of the world implies a not always easy blending of different cultures. With the Karma GT, created by Pininfarina on the basis of the Revero electric saloon, however… by Filippo Einaudi

Design story Honda E, electric friendliness
While some manufacturers take a deliberately specific formal approach to research on zero emission mobility, very different from the standards applied in thermal propulsion, the approach animating the little car in…by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Venucia The V, stylistic revolution
For its product range that we will see some time in the future, the Chinese car brand Venucia is preparing a veritable technical and stylistic revolution along the lines of the concept car “The V”, presented at the last … by Edoardo Nastri

Mobility project Volvo Studio Milano, the city of the future
During the last Design Week, at Milan’s Volvo Studio participants discussed themes such as the future, the city, and innovation linked to the car. These discussions took place in conjunction with the official presentation of… by Ali Filippini

School TAD Polimi, possible scenarios
The Master in Transportation and Automobile Design at Milan Polytechnic celebrates its tenth birthday with an exhibition that surveys the work done in recent years. The exhibition opens with an area dedicated to the people… by Marta Cinti


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