It was unveiled the long-awaited Peugeot 3008 that joins the market of C- SUV and the public will admire it during the next Paris Motorshow.

Once on board, an innovative, almost futuristic, dashboard immediately catches the eye, the next Peugeot i-Cockpit evolution. The steering wheel is even more compact and has been redesigned with two flats to make it easier to grip and to afford the driver maximum visibility and legroom.

The heads-up instrument unit unveils in series production a high-resolution 12.3” screenwith futuristic graphics. It can be completely configured and personalised, and brings together all that the driver could want in his field of view.

The close attention paid to material choices and attention to detail – full hide leather from level 2, chrome inserts, gloss black trims – deliver a high level of perceived quality and attractiveness.

So there is a veritable feast of sensations for the driver to experience, letting him go to the limit of his driving pleasure. Occupants get the immediate choice of two themes: the “Boost” theme aimed at a dynamic driving style, and the “Relax” theme for gentler driving. These two themes are entirely configurable so that the driver and passengers exceed the limits of pleasure, and make travelling on board truly unique and unforgettable.

Material choices are inspired and their appearance uncompromising. Here we will find leather, numerous touches of brushed chrome, large expanses of carbon or cloth decoration. Textiles inspired by “home design” cover the door-card inserts, the headlining, the windscreen pillars and even some areas less commonly found in cars, such as the dashboard inlay.

In the exterior, the front end is certainly vertical, but also very powerful, giving off a feeling of strength, even of animal aggression. Its lines are clear, bold and balanced. A piercing feline look comes from the narrow halogen headlamps. It becomes sharper still when they are take on the (optional) full Led lamps. The bonnet is certainly long and flat, but its styling lines convey a sense of strength. Beyond it the windscreen is more upright and positioned behind the line of the front axle, and it is flanked by chrome inserts sweeping back from the line of the headlamps.

The waist line is certainly raised, and there is a marked increase in the sheet metal/glass ratio,but the line is highlighted with elegance and fluidity, producing a slimmer profile. The upper surface of the bonnet flows into a crease incorporating the door handles and stretching out the line of the vehicle with finesse and style. It’s a superbly styled vehicle whose proportions give it a look less heavy and tall than the majority of its competitors. An elegance that continues at the rear, where again we find a clear and very modern design. Beneath the inclined rear window, a gloss black band incorporates the opalescent Led tail lamps. These feature the three essential claw-marks that make the Peugeot visual signature so clearly identifiable – at night as in daytime.