The new compact SUV DX3 has debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show, it is the second model born from the collaboration between Pininfarina and South East Motor-SEM. They will develop together, in the next 5 years, different types of SUVs with the goal of forming an entire family of products for China.

Above, Fabio Filippini, head of design Pininfarina

The DX3 is a new compact SUV designed for young generations with a dynamic lifestyle that combining a sporty look with flowing and elegant lines typical of Pininfarina, will form the basis for the future style language of the DX series.

DX3’s design expresses vigor and momentum through a dynamic flow of surfaces like moving water. A powerful and muscular design with bold and generous shapes. All of these elements are blended together in a single flow, like in the artistic conception of Chinese Calligraphy, creating a design of perfect balance between vigor, sport and power. The interiors as well offer a new on board experience both exciting and vibrant. The dashboard reminds the dynamism of an aircraft through the strong identity expression of the air vents. The high precision and quality of the interior details, from the multifunctional steering wheel and aircraft-styled gearshift to the super large touch screen, offer an intuitive interaction and a joyful driving experience to the user.

The result is a young and fashionable SUV that moves forward the design expression of SEM to a new level of confidence. The confidence of beauty. The DX 3 is the continuation of the design activities on the DX7, the first Chinese SUV with an Italian touch, presented at Auto Shanghai 2015. Thanks to Pininfarina design, the DX7 boomed winning dozens of awards, among which the Red Dot China Good Design Award and the SUV of the Year Award in 2015 as part of the “China Automotive Billboard Awards”.