The heart of the Chrysler Portal concept is its lithium-ion battery pack, mounted underneath the vehicle floor. The battery pack’s energy is rated at about 100 kilowatt-hours. Fully charged, the battery pack gives the Portal an estimated driving range of more than 250 miles. DC Fast Charger adds 150 miles of range to the battery in less than 20 minutes, making stops during long-distance travel a comparable experience to that of today’s gasoline-powered vehicles. The Chrysler Portal concept uses an industry-accepted Combined Charge System (CCS) plug to connect to the next generation of high power, 350-kilowatt DC charging stations.

“The Chrysler Portal concept appeals to the millennial lifestyle on various levels – it serves as a social hub where up to six can enjoy and it’s also designed to accommodate millennials as they begin their transition into family mode,” said Ralph Gilles, Head of FCA Global Design. “The use of a mono-volume form combined with a battery-electric powertrain opens up a fresh look at seating and storage flexibility. The concept of a ‘third space’ offers passengers an interior space that is clean, modern and uses a color palette that welcomes the passengers inside.”

Designed from the inside out, the FCA design team took advantage of current and maturing technologies to maximize interior room in order to create its version of a “third space.” The Portal’s interior offers a serene, open environment that is calming and eases the transition between home and work, or outings with family or friends. Outside, the mono-volume form is a simple, clean and modern design.