The LCR Honda MotoGP team has a new hospitality structure developed with the contribution of Cantiere Galli Design, a well-known showroom but also Roman design centre created by Eleonora Galli. Specialising in the implementation of “tailor-made” projects, Cantiere Galli worked together with designer Odoardo Fioravanti on the development of the entire interior design project for Honda. The structure, which will accompany all European stages of the MotoGP, is clearly designed to be taken down in double quick time and its outfitting, which travels on a truck, is on two levels.


On the ground floor there is a large reception area, dominated by the presence of a long white counter, and furnished with a single large sofa that can accommodate several groups of people to support sharing and meeting. Connected by a stairway, this area is joined to an upper area with tables and seats and a catering service that can serve up to four hundred meals a day. In order to give a more domestic touch to the environment, Fioravanti has chosen to characterise it, in accordance with the vision of the client, with an explicit reference to the world of engines. Materials and colours evoke an industrial, sporty interior.


The vertical surfaces, for example, are lined with perforated matt black macro grilles “reminiscent of the world of mechanicals and technology”, while the quality furnishings of the Pedrali company, with which the designer works, stand out for their colour and have been chosen in order to create “a more marked and more sophisticated welcome impression”. Vigorously endorsed by team manager Lucio Cecchinello, this restyling is itself a demonstration of team work, since it brings together different skills, in the interests of a common project all aspects of which are shared: from concept design to implementation.