With the “Snap,” presented early this year at the Ces in Las Vegas, Rinspeed for the first time presented an electric vehicle on which the chassis and bodies go their separate ways. “Think micro, yet mighty!” is the Rinspeed motto now at the Ces 2019. The company has shrunk the “Snap” into the “microSNAP” and thus to the dimensions of a Renault Twizy. And for the first time, Rinspeed shows a functioning robot station that joins and separates chassis and bodies – while charging them at the same time. Simple, efficient and groundbreaking.


As far as the Swiss automotive visionary is concerned, the days of large delivery vehicles that serve customers one after the other like pearls on a string over the course of the day are over. Because online business is booming and now includes the fresh food sector as well, the swiss company believes in small autonomous vehicles that swarm out and deliver their goods to customers ‘just in time’ and without detours. It couldn’t be any more simple than that. In addition, his vision also includes two-seater “robo units,” which quickly transport their passengers in comfort to their destination taking the shortest route.