The exhibition celebrating 40 years of Auto&Design at the National Automobile Museum of Turin has started. More than 180 guests, including many heads of design from car manufacturers of yesterday and today, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, walking around the models and paying tribute to the four decades of history of our newspaper and automotive design.

The exhibition – “Auto&Design, Il Progetto Raccontato – La mostra dei 40 anni” is now open to the public at the Mauto until November 10. Two guests of honour were added to the opening evening: the Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept and two art works created in Alcantara by Alberto Biasi, at the Mauto for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Alfa Romeo Pandion

The exhibition shows how the world of publishing has changed from the founding of the magazine to the present day, in parallel with the evolution of the world of car design. Around twenty spectacular concept cars await visitors to the Mauto: among them, the Machimoto by Italdesign Giugiaro and the Pininfarina Mythos of the 1980s, the Fiat Maggiora Scia, the Alfa Romeo Proteo and the Lancia Dialogos of the 1990s, the Citroen C-Airdream and the Volvo YCC of the 2000s, the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio and the Bertone Pandion of the 2010s.

Lancia Dialogos

All the concepts are displayed along with the original drawings, but the staging is absolutely digital: by taking a shot of the “QR Code” present on the illustrative panels with a smartphone, visitors will be able to download a pdf of the Design story of that project published at the time. So that, at the end of their journey, they will be able to take home a piece of our history with them.