Since the debut of the first Golf 45 years ago designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, this Volkswagen has always been a vehicle that merged high levels of everyday suitability with a clear-cut, accurate design. The new Golf continues this approach. A prime example of aesthetics and function: the outline. The dominant design element in this context is the C-pillar, characteristic for the Golf. It makes the body dynamic towards the front, concentrates it towards the rear and transfers the iconic shape of the original Golf into the present.

The ideal ratio of greenhouse (roof section plus glass panels) and body (lower section from the window line) also lends the new Golf a strong presence while the deep-drawn roof line adds an authentic, sporty character. Just as striking: powerful shoulder sections and a very strong rear section, the charismatic front section with intentionally narrow radiator grille and an all-round undercut as a sharp line at the height of the door handles. Led technology replaces any conventional lighting technology in all versions – in this process, the new lighting design becomes a dominant and unmistakeable style element of the eighth Golf generation.

The new Golf is a vehicle that has been more closely connected to the driver than ever before. The basis for this are standard digital instruments (Digital Cockpit) with a 10.25-inch display, an Infotainment system (8.25-inch touchscreen featuring online connection) and a multifunction steering wheel. Merging the Digital Cockpit and Infotainment system creates a new, consistently digital architecture.

The driver’s digital workplace can be further enhanced by two optional 10-inch Infotainment systems. In conjunction with the large Discover Pro navigation system, this creates the Innovision Cockpit. A windscreen headup display is also available. The centre console is also characterised by perfect ergonomics: this area is now tidier than ever, particularly in conjunction with the now significantly smaller shift-by-wire gear knob for the dual clutch gearbox (DSG).