For over 50 years, Brembo’s braking systems have been pervaded by a mix of technology, innovation and aesthetics, the latter aspect continuing to grow in importance as feedback from both customers and end users remains positive. At last Frankfurt Motor Show, Brembo made it even more tangible with the official launch of Brembo Stile, a unit whose mission is to coordinate product design activities with a view to making products even more uniquely distinctive.

Brembo Stile aims to be a benchmark within the company to promote the convergence of aesthetics, approaches and methods across divisions, and to propose creative, new activities, combining the brand’s technological innovation Dna with the design of new aesthetic languages. At the same time, it is a reference point for customers with whom the company has been working for years, as well as a meeting point for the development of future projects and collaboration.

All this takes place on the basis of a ramified project starting with the analysis of the distinctive traits of the client’s brand, its positioning, the values to be transmitted and the identification of the aesthetic codes used. Research into market stylistic trends, analysis of the final consumer’s purchasing motives and the importance given to the car’s style are key elements in this initial part of the project.

It continues with an analysis of the innovative characteristics of the new braking system (without ever neglecting the pursuit of lightness, as with every Brembo project), which takes material form in the first rough studies and in some feasible ideas. Decisions are always the result of synergies between the various team members. In this phase, the values of the customer and the identity of the Brembo brand are transferred to the product. From the drawings, we move on to the model and the final engineering of the product.

The concept becomes an object, which is given a colour to enhance its shape and define its personality. A choice capable of capturing and amplifying the complex phenomena of visual perception. The right colour can become iconic. It is at this point that style, performance and innovation come together. Brembo Stile wants to gather all these processes into a single container, to tell the philosophy and DNA of the brand and reinforce its identity.