Hyundai presents three solutions for the mobility of the future at the Consumer Electronic Show 2020. The ecosystem designed by the Japanese manufacturer consists of three elements. The first is Urban Air Mobility (UAM), halfway between an aircraft and a drone, which Hyundai says is capable of electric landing and take-off and will free people from traffic and make time for the activities they really care about.

The vehicle was developed with Uber and will arrive in 2023 with 100 kilometers of range: “Hyundai is our first partner with know-how in vehicle production worldwide. We believe that Hyundai has the potential to build Uber Air vehicles at costs never before seen in today’s aerospace industry, producing reliable, quality aircraft at high volumes, and reducing passenger costs per trip. The combination of Hyundai’s manufacturing strength with Uber’s technology platform represents a huge leap forward for the launch of an air taxi network in the coming years,” said Eric Allison, head of Uber Elevate.

The second idea is the Purpose Built Vehicle, a mobile container that can function as a restaurant, bar and hotel, even as a clinical centre and pharmacy, and can also be used as an urban shuttle. The last element of this mobility ecosystem of the future is the Hub, a space that connects UAM and PBV and which has the drone landing strip on the top floor. Inside the Hub people can do activities, such as buying new products or attending a concert or going to the cinema.