At the Geneva Motor Show DS, the premium brand of the PSA Group, presents the Aero Sport Lounge, a zero-emission concept car with Suv architecture. The car’s dominant features are a raised driving position, high visibility and comfort, plus aerodynamic efficiency, technology and futuristic design. The styling features of the Aero Sport Lounge are unprecedented. The car wants to solve a very current equation: to combine renewed efficiency without sacrificing the character and strength of the design.

The proportions and bodywork are capable of directing air flows to achieve optimum aerodynamic efficiency. The length (5.00 metres) and the sloping roof line reduce aerodynamic drag; air is conveyed from the flat grille to the side appendages, passing through the large 23-inch wheels sculpted from the air. The profile is underlined by the lighting of the E-Tense signature, symbol of the 500 kW (680 hp) electric motor, connected to a new generation battery of 110 kWh placed under the platform, for a range of more than 650 km.

The revolution in the car has not spared the passenger compartment. The French manufacturer creates a new “travel ecosystem” in which displays disappear, until now a predominant element in most concept cars and production cars. Two large displays in front of the occupants create a suspended shape. The lower, satin-clad part projects information from the upper viewer. The surface comes alive with the elements needed for navigation or to discover new forms of infotainment and sharing. The fusion of information and entertainment takes over by eliminating the limitations of touch screens. The side screens feature digital rear view and group all controls. The elements necessary for driving, such as instrumentation, are projected onto the augmented reality windscreen.