A second after the roaring Twenties, Rolls-Royce embodies the spirit of that period by presenting its first Collection Car of the new decade. According to the British manufacturer, the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection is an ode to decadence, frivolity, intoxication and the irreverent past. Inspired by the roadsters of the twenties – rare and glamorous cars that have always been associated with young Hollywood rebel and young offspring – the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection captures the carefree attitude of those distant days in a bold, contemporary expression.

The car is produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces. The colour silver is often found in the brand’s history on special cars such as the Silver Dawn, Silver King, Silver Silence and Silver Spectre. The Dawn Silver Bullet Collection cuts the dashboard in an ultra-metallic silver Bespoke paint recently commissioned. The special feature of the entire car is the Aero Cowling, which transforms the Dawn Silver Bullet into a two-seater, creating a unique silhouette for the brand’s models.

All the car is painted in silver with darker details such as headlights and front bumper trim. Inside, the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection has exclusive materials such as the open-pore carbon fibre fascia that welcomes the driver into the car. The tunnel is upholstered in leather and runs through the entire length of the interior. Rolls-Royce plans to organize a series of unique trips for the owners of these 50 models around the world.