Opel unveils the second generation of its compact bestseller, the Mokka, a crossover with completely new, more modern and effective lines and also available 100% electric inversion. Despite a slightly longer wheelbase (+2 mm), the new Mokka is 12.5 cm shorter than the previous generation and offers the five passengers a boot similar to the previous generation, up to 350 litres.

Its total length of only 4.15 metres makes it agile and easy to park in urban and suburban areas. The design of the new Mokka has been completely overturned with pure, eye-catching lines and a look characterised by reduced overhangs and a solid road presence. The new Mokka is the first model in Opel’s range to inaugurate a new style course that will now characterize all the brand’s models. The two most important elements are what the German designers, led by Mark Adams, call Opel Visor and Opel Pure Panel.

The first characterizes the front panel designed according to a unique setting with a template that includes headlights, LED daytime running lights and logo. The second, inspired by the same philosophy of rationality and simplicity, characterizes the interior: the dashboard is elongated and integrates two widescreen displays in a horizontal position. There are no analogue displays or unnecessary decorative indications: the screen is clear, the information provided is focused on what is really needed. To allow intuitive operation and constant driver attention on the road, Opel designers have kept the control buttons for essential functions.