“It’s always nice to interact with young creatives, especially for a nascent brand like ours, and organizing a contest seemed to us the right opportunity and the right way to do it. Maximilian Missoni, head of design at Polestar (in the image above in the middle between Nahum Escobedo, Senior Designer, and Juan Pablo Bernal, Senior Interior Design Manager), launches a design contest (lasting from June 23 to October 26, 2020) in which students and enthusiasts are asked to imagine a Swedish brand vehicle in production in 20 years. “We don’t want the projects to be distant from reality or completely improbable, but we have specifically decided not to confine the topic exclusively to the automotive world in order to leave the maximum space for imagination,” continues Missoni.

The only limit that the participants will have to respect is what the number one in Polestar design calls the principle of “purity”: “The projects will have to express a certain purity of form, like all our products and in particular as the latest concept car Precept which introduced the next step in the evolution of Polestar design and was unveiled in March 2020″, continues Missoni. The first projects will have to be presented in the form of sketches or digital and the selected competitors will develop the digital model with the help and remote guidance of the designers Polestar and Maximilian Missoni. The winners will see their projects modelled in the same way as all Polestar models in the Gothenburg design centre.

An idea that could also be an opportunity to look for new talent: “I am very curious to see the first projects represented. The aim is certainly not the recruitment of new designers, but rather the evaluation of innovative and disruptive ideas, but I can’t exclude the possible consideration of some profiles. The talents of car design today also come from a different background than automotive, especially from the digital world”. All the rules for the competition can be found here.