The new Mokka brought the wind of novelty to Opel, so much so that the German manufacturer decided to commission the style centre to design a new logo. We will find the new badge on all the new models that will arrive from the Mokka onwards. It’s not a twist, but rather an update: “The ring surrounding the lightning bolt is now thinner, more delicate, more precise and more distinctive. This emphasizes the lightning even more,” says Mark Adams, Opel’s head of design.

“All the details are extremely sharp and the radius is now very small. The clear Opel lettering is integrated in the lower part of the ring, like a fine engraving in a jewel. This is pure German precision. The lightning bolt surrounded by a circle has been on all Opel models since 1963. The design was then revised for the first time in 1987 and further modernizations were carried out during the new millennium, so that the lightning bolt took on a three-dimensional form. The company’s official logo was re-designed with a more modern and flattened form in summer 2017.