This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the usual Graduation Day to present the projects of the students of the Master in Transportation & Automobile Design (TAD) of the Politecnico di Milano, organized by, was held in streaming and not according to the usual rules. Among other novelties, the absence of the constraint of having to work with a single automotive group, as in previous editions, so the fourteen students of the TAD Master, four of which from abroad, presented three projects of futuristic vehicles in the luxury sector, inspired by different prestigious brands.

Lagonda Aura

The team of students called Megalopolis, worked on a hypothesis of future in which time and space available in the urban environment, will be infinitely valuable assets in 2050. Lagonda Aura meets the need for a means of transport where you can work, relax and even socialize. An example, precisely, of extended and technologically advanced space. The very essence of this project is precisely that of providing a solution to hyper-active professional people, who live in megalopolises characterised by the massive use of new technologies; individuals who socially and financially contribute to the very development of the city where they live. All this leads to the birth of an avant-garde car, which redefines luxury, in the belief that true luxury is deeply personal.

Land Rover Bulwark

The project of the Wildlands Group, the Land Rover Bulwark, is situated in a future where climate change will generate often adverse weather conditions. The Bulwark is a pick-up truck designed from the ground up as an extremely durable and high-performance vehicle to meet the needs of the Wildlands in 2050. Wild, hard, rugged terrain with rugged surfaces and off-road situations at the limit of what is feasible. From variable altitudes, in desert conditions or characterized by unpredictable naturalistic events. Adaptability is therefore a key factor at the basis of the design process, and the reference targets range from private clients, for the basic model, to institutional bodies of emergency and safety.

Bmw Hyla

Starting from the bicycle, a means of transport par excellence in this type of city, the HYLA concept was born, an amphibious single-seater three-wheeled vehicle. Hyla wants to have the practicality and agility that only a bicycle can give. As an amphibious vehicle, Hyla was developed as a modular vehicle adaptable to different types of use, so the categorical mantra in the design was the principle that the shapes had to follow the function. The line of the concept was dictated by the aims and technical requirements that distinguish it.