The Taraschi Racing Team, which today provides advice, spare parts and assistance to collectors who own cars made by Berardo Taraschi in the 1950s, now sees in Tazio, son of the driver-builder, an heir seriously intent on seeing the brand reborn in a modern way. In an increasingly futuristic and electrified current context, the new Taraschi Berardo was born, a 2+2 plug-in hybrid coupé with 420 horsepower and four-wheel drive, which allows for significant performance even with a small-capacity thermal unit, following in the spirit of the historic Taraschi cars that excelled in the low-capacity categories. The car was presented at Mauto, the national car museum in Turin.

Designed by Andrea Quartieri, the lines of the Berardo are the result of the analysis of one of the most successful models of the Taraschi brand, the Giaur 750 Champion Sport. The result is a modern reinterpretation of a model that at the time amazed with its sinuous design and avant-garde solutions. The strongest link with the past was the constructive choice of the Berardo bodywork and is the most representative element of the car. The technical basis used by the manufacturer is that of a BMW i8 and it was decided to recreate the context of the years that were chosen by choosing a completely manual processing of aluminium for each piece of the bodywork.

Every aesthetic detail of the Berardo was created by hand with an impressive amount of precious craftsmanship carried out in the atelier of Quality Cars in Padua, one of the most famous classic car restorers in the world. Even inside, the recall with the past is deliberately strong with inserts and wooden details that derive from another strong Italian tradition, that of luthiers, alternating with top quality leather goods that supplies the best high fashion brands made in Italy.