Design, planning, and development of the electric Volkswagen ID.3, were undertaken with great linearity, but already with a view to customisation. “Convenient packages allow the customer to choose related optional accessories and we opted for a choice of colours and materials that reflected the spirit of the vehicle: practical and sustainable”, Klaus Zyciora, head of design for the Volkswagen group, tells us. “With a wise use of colours and specially studied pairings for this model, we managed to give the ID.3 a distinctive and fresh personality”.

There are six proposed colour options: four take up the shades from metal grey to blue, while the other two are white and light blue, more luminous and impactful. The design of the roof was specially studied to be proposed in black in all versions to contrast with the rest of the bodywork. A solution that “gives lightness to the upper part of the ID.3, making it seem lower and sporty”.

We find the same rational approach in the interiors where there are two dominating palettes: light or dark. “In the first case, the steering wheel, frames, and steering column are white; in the second, the same elements have a colour scheme that ranges from grey to black. For whoever wants a touch more colour, it is also possible to choose orange mouldings”. The choice of recyclable materials was inspired by those used domestically: “We wanted to convey the sensation of being in a modern living room, surrounded by hi-tech screens and surfaces. We succeeded”, Klaus Zyciora concludes.