At the 2020 Guangzhou Motor Show, the Chinese manufacturer GAC presents the Moca, a fully customisable zero-emission urban car. According to GAC, this concept embodies the car of the future and represents a new vision of the company’s traditional design philosophy. “We believe that, as with smartphones, car exteriors will gradually shift from diversity to homogeneity and standardisation for a better spatial and content-related interior experience,” comments Zhang Fan, vice president of design, GAC R&D.

Front and rear are characterised by the “Bionic Display”, a large screen on which the information reserved for road users flows and through which the car communicates with the outside. The software platform, based on the GAC on-board operating system, provides users with various hardware and software options to customise different scenarios. The styling language of the exterior is neutral and emulates the style of pure technological products such as smartphones and cameras. Designers have renounced any unnecessary stylistic frills or too many lines, proposing a minimalist approach. In the exteriors, the only note of colour in addition to the Bionic Display is the LED light strip surrounding the car.

The neutrality of the exteriors contrasts with the very high level of customisation of the interiors. Users can choose everything by purchasing the various modules desired through a dedicated online platform. Access to the interior is through a sliding door and the user finds himself in an environment of domestic inspiration. Almost all Moca components are replaceable and optional: from the console to the interior lighting, from the door panels to the seats. The interior thus becomes a room to be furnished.