Californian start-up Alpha Motor Corporation has unveiled the Ace, an electric concept car with strongly retro lines. The car has the architecture of a three-door coupé and, according to the manufacturer, the model moves away from contemporary automotive design to focus on mobility for the individual user. “The ACE Coupe is for people who want elegance, versatility, energy efficiency and style,” said Michael Smith, CEO of Alpha Motor Corporation.

At 4.1 metres long, 1.9 metres wide and 1.4 metres high, the Ace is built on a platform for electric models called AMP. It has a claimed range of 400 kilometres and is scheduled for production from 2023 should the start-up receive the necessary funding and interest. The body of the car is squared off and characterised at the front by a highly vertical grille that includes the headlights. On the side, the rounded mudguards of the four wheels and a great formal cleanliness stand out.

The rear is characterised by more modern features. The layout remains vertical, but the LED lights run across the entire width of the Ace. The interior follows a minimalist style with a large Tesla-style display in the centre of the dashboard, from which all the functions of the infotainment system can be controlled. The rest of the cabin follows rational lines and is made up of few other elements, but attention to detail has not been lost: as on rally cars, the door handles have been replaced by two leather elements.