Waiting for Godot? Well, not exactly: there are greater certainties while waiting for the DS 4, the new PSA group star. We’ll see it in the next few weeks and we’ll drive it in 2021, but, in the meantime, Citroen’s premium rib is sending out strong signals to whomever is waiting. The manufacturer’s leaders went out of their way for this first taste: from the CEO, Béatrice Foucher, to the product manager, Marion David, and the top engineers and designers, from Sébastien Jacquet to Thierry Métroz, all in the now habitual online formulas to which Covid has condemned us. For now, there is no image of the vehicle, except for DS’s clarification that the body/wheels ratio will be unique in the C-segment and “will create an athletic, efficient silhouette”. A lot, though, has been said about its features, beginning with the confirmation that the DS manufacturer’s new star will be created as a hybrid plug-in.

DS 4 will be able to make use of a new version of the EMP2 platform, which will enable the use of various engines in addition to the initial PHEV (4-cylinder, turbo, 180-horsepower engine, as well as the 110-horsepower electric motor for a range of more than 50 km with zero-emissions). But, above all, it will be a technological monster, from the extended head-up display to the Iris System infotainment that can be controlled by voice and movement, from the Drive Assist 2.0 safety system, to the active suspensions and nocturnal vision. In addition, Métroz talks about this with pride, there are narrow, modern LED headlights that rotate and – divided into 15 segments – switch on and off independently, according to need. It’s a distillation, Béatrice Foucher explains, “of French luxury and advanced technology, encased in an audacious form”, for a customer “who wants style, purity, intuition, technology, and driving pleasure”. Let’s wait: we’ll see.