Only the trained eye of a designer can imagine the end result of a combination of colours and materials requested by a special customer. Each new Bugatti can be chosen with an infinite number of possible customisations, making it highly unlikely that there is one Bugatti in circulation that is the same as another. Expert hands guide the customer through the configuration process producing sketches, renderings and images that anticipate the final result.

The French sports car manufacturer in the Volkswagen group chose Jascha Straub to take care of all this and follow the customer every step of the way. His role is Design & Sales Representative and he guides the customer through the journey of creating his super sports car, starting from the blank sheet of paper and ending with the configuration of every last detail. The designer began his career in the Bugatti style centre, now headed by Achim Anscheidt, and knows all the secrets of the cars from Molsheim, having actively participated in the styling of all the manufacturer’s latest models: from the Divo, unveiled in 2018, to the Centodieci, presented in 2019 and celebrating the brand’s 110th anniversary.

“Every day in my job I combine so many passions,” says Jascha Straub. “There is no other profession that allows you to accompany customers on a journey as special as that of custom-building their own Bugatti. Our role asks us to give shape to the dream of those who are approaching the purchase of such a special car,” continues Straub. The young designer’s work can thus be imagined as an extension of the design process.

Among the more unusual configurations, Straub oversaw the creation of the Chiron Zebra, designed for a client in Qatar: “The client came to us with a precise idea and we helped him realise it because here the levels of customisation really have no limits. To fit the Chiron’s flowing lines, we had to develop a completely new solution for taping ready-to-paint bodywork parts”. The car features a black base with blue streaks, a theme that also recurs in the interior where the idea has been taken up.