A plug-in supercar with an elegant design defined by soft surfaces and formal cleanliness. The McLaren Artura debuts as the only supercar in the segment with plug-in hybrid powertrain, refining the British manufacturer’s aesthetic canons and making them more elegant. Built on McLaren’s new carbon-fibre platform, the MCLA, dedicated to electrified vehicles, the Artura is powered by a 3.0 V6 coupled to an electric motor for a total output of 680 horsepower and 30 kilometres of electric range.

“Our mission was to create a piece of pure technical sculpture, where technology is not distracting but enhances the visual experience. We were guided by three key phrases: purity, technical sculpture and attention to detail. Purity is not just about lines, but includes the integration of all components. Technical sculpture refers to the need to be beautiful to look at, but still functional just like the forms you see in nature. Finally, the attention to detail is best explained by the fact that we don’t decorate, we do what is necessary and make it beautiful,” explains Rob Melville, Mclaren Design Director.

The Artura has true supercar proportions: a long, downward-pointing nose, a generous wheelbase, a roofline (made from a single aluminium component with the front pillars) that descends rapidly towards the rear, and a very forward cab position. Elements that make it appear to be in motion even when stationary. The gritty rear end is defined almost exclusively by a dark open grille to allow the engine compartment to breathe better. The headlights are slim and frame the two large exhaust pipes. High wings and 19- and 20-inch wheels do the rest, giving the model a sleek overall look.

Like the exterior, the interior has been inspired by the principles of simplicity and purity of line. There are almost no physical buttons in the cabin, everything is controlled by an 8-inch driver-facing screen for the multimedia system and a digital display for the instruments. Visibility is excellent for the segment, thanks to particularly slim pillars and a wide windscreen. There is also plenty of quality upholstery and parts of the cabin, from the roof to the dashboard with contrasting stitching and inserts.