Wacom and Pixiv, both headquartered in Japan, announce Drawfest, a hands-on, live event streamed on YouTube, 22 – 24 May, that consists of eight livestream programs, each one to four hours long. In addition to online workshops and lectures held by an assortment of internationally recognized illustrators, animators and comic artists, there will also be programs for the audience to draw artworks all together. Everyone who draws is welcome. The event will offer simultaneous interpretation in both Japanese and English so that people from numerous regions will be able to participate in the festival.

“Anime, the hand-drawn and computer animation style originating in Japan, has seen its popularity grow and practitioners and fans can now be found in virtually every country around the globe,” says Nobutaka Ide, CEO of Wacom Company Ltd. “By teaming with pixiv on Drawfest, we are creating a cross-boundary and cross-language platform for artists and designers to share their passion for drawing and learning from others.” For more information about the event: www.pixiv.net .