Italdesign and engineering firm Williams Advanced Engineering have announced a partnership to provide a complete solution for the production of high-performance electric vehicles. Williams Advanced Engineering will provide the EVX electric platform, while Italdesign will be responsible for styling, user experience, safety systems and the production of up to 500 units of the models that will be built on that architecture.

The EVX is able to accommodate battery packs with power ranging from 104 to 140 kWh and different types of architecture, from sedans to large SUVs, from convertibles to sports cars with autonomies for some models of up to 1000 km. All possible configurations will be front-wheel or all-wheel drive and the maximum annual production of vehicles on this platform will be 10,000 units. “We wanted to create a vehicle that performs well by not only adding an infinite amount of power and energy, but something that is light and dynamic at the same time,” said Chris McCaw, chief engineer of the EVX platform at Williams.