A few weeks after the official presentation of the Cupra Born, the first Seat electric car built on the Volkswagen Group’s Meb platform, Jorge Diez, head of Cupra design since December 2020, explains the style and content of the zero-emission model in a video. “One of the most important missions we have as designers is to convey emotions through our vehicles,” says Diez. The Cupra Born will be no exception.

“Electric vehicles don’t have to be boring and the Born is proof of that. When people see it on the road, they’ll want to drive it immediately, and that’s the biggest reward for the teamwork we’ve accomplished. We have given the vehicle the combination of light and shade that we find in Barcelona and that can be seen especially in the interior, through completely new materials and textures,” explains Diez. The Cupra design team used decidedly dynamic colours and materials and cutting-edge technology such as laser cutting for maximum precision. The interior features copper-coloured elements, a hallmark of the brand. “The result? An environment that is totally focused on driving pleasure,” explains Diez.

“We emphasised the width of the car with a horizontal light signature and combined it with a very pronounced diffuser, which increases efficiency and aerodynamics. We know that electrification has to go hand in hand with efficiency and, in this respect, the team has combined the two perfectly. The profile is defined by angular shapes, which are more pronounced on the shoulders of the car where we have lengthened the rear window graphics for a greater sense of tension and speed.”