Kia has unveiled the first images of the fifth generation of the Sportage, its most successful SUV in Europe. The exterior of the new Sportage goes beyond the conventional styling canons of the Korean manufacturer. Sharp, taut lines branch out across the body, amplifying the tension between volumes. At the same time, clean, muscular surfaces intertwine in a play of articulated patterns to give it a dynamic and imposing road presence. Inside, an environment has been created that fuses high-tech technology and contemporary styling for a ‘state of the art’ ensemble.

“Reinventing the Sportage has given our talented design teams a huge opportunity to create something new, drawing inspiration from the brand’s recent relaunch and the introduction of the electric EV6. This allows us to offer customers a modern, highly innovative SUV design. With the all-new Sportage, we didn’t just want to take a step forward, we wanted to elevate ourselves to the next level in the SUV category”, said Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design Center.

Unveiled earlier this year and received with great enthusiasm, Kia’s new design philosophy – Opposites United – is an important foundation of the Sportage, influencing its every aspect and character. The interior of the SUV reflects the character of the exterior by offering intuitive and innovative technology that creates a driver-oriented space. The curved display with ultra-thin touchscreen pad and air vents form the core from which the entire cabin develops. The imposing screen extends to the front of the Sportage, enhancing the proportions of width and depth. The touchscreen pad, along with the integrated controller, act as the nerve centre for driver and passenger connectivity, functionality and usage needs.