As of today, the Lancia brand is embarking on a journey through time to recount its 115 years of history, which will be celebrated on November 27th, in a docu-film entitled “Elegance in Motion”. In the first episode of this journey, entitled “Timeless Design”, Luca Napolitano talks to the head of design Jean-Pierre Ploué, and together they retrace some of the stages of this journey, starting with the first Lancia models that were already out of the box for the time, such as, the “12HP”, the first ever of 1907 with a low and very light chassis, equipped with a cardan transmission, when everyone was still using “chains”, and then moving on to cars with a style designed around technical innovation that has led Lancia cars to be innovative.

“Lancia is not aesthetics for its own sake, Lancia is design,” explains Jean-Pierre Ploué, “it is the ‘Italian style’ that is a unique combination of classic elegance, creativity and passion. And I say this as a French designer to whom Lancia has given a different perspective on Italian style and also on the way of doing car design in general. Lancia has been able to create cars with a sophisticated design, but never tied to a purely creative whim”.