The design challenge for the new Peugeot 308 SW was to give it character and attractiveness, while offering good load volume. As with the 5-door version, optimising the distribution of volumes made it possible, without compromising interior space, to design a very steeply sloping roof to the benefit of design and to increase the bodywork surface area on which to model the rear of the car, which must guarantee the space required by customers in this segment.

The Peugeot design centre headed by Matthias Hossann has created a car with a strong personality which, according to the statement, has been designed to seduce and draw the eye to an object whose primary vocation is load capacity, on-board space and versatility. The wheelbase is 55 mm longer than that of the hatchback, to the advantage of the sleek silhouette and rear space.

The rear of the car echoes that of the saloon version and is sculpted in depth to create a sleek line that streamlines the styling and gives the feeling of a car firmly planted on its wheels. The lines of the third side light, which tend downwards more quickly than the roof, create a variation in the side that gives the 308 SW a particularly dynamic silhouette. The rear incorporates the 308’s ultra-thin full-LED light clusters, but without the black strip that joins them.