Rimac, manufacturer of electric hypercars, has unveiled Nevera, a production version derived directly from the C_Two concept car (unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show). 2 million euros the price, 1,914 horsepower, 415 kilometres per hour top speed, the numbers of the Nevera tell of a styling project aimed at achieving maximum efficiency and the best possible performance. As with all models, especially ultra-high performance ones, the shapes of the Rimac Nevera follow function, in a fusion of engineering and design that has generated an elegant style.

A series of modifications to the Nevera’s bodywork, air diffusers and air intakes resulted in a 34% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over early prototypes. The profile of the bonnet, the shape of the pillars and the design of the diffusers, splitters and radiators were all intensively analysed and refined to improve airflow and downforce by the Rimac style centre led by Adriano Mudri. The front bonnet profile, underbody flap, rear diffuser and rear wing can move independently, guided by complex algorithms that provide the optimum aerodynamic configuration for each driving situation.

The interior is minimalist. Driver and passenger are surrounded by fine materials, while the technological part has been developed with easy-to-use infotainment systems in mind. There are three screens: the first is positioned in front of the driver and shows instrumentation information, the second for the multimedia system is in the centre of the dashboard, while the third has been installed in front of the passenger. The designers decided to reduce the physical buttons inside the cabin to a minimum and to group the functions into different thematic areas.