Touring Superleggera presents Arese RH95, whose name is a celebration of 95 years of Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera and the initials of the project’s precursor. Arese RH95 was created to share the passion for one-off cars, 18 examples are planned and the first ones will be delivered one month after the official presentation of the model. The evolution of the Streamline style, which took shape with the Aero 3, is projected into the future with the Arese RH95: the first Superlight Touring car to be built with a mid-engine combined with carbon fibre bodywork, to underline its vocation for speed and performance.

“Arese RH95 combines the sinuous surfaces of the Disco Volante, the details echo the styling cues of the Aero line”, explains Louis de Fabribeckers, Director of the Centro Stile Touring.  “The kinematic opening of the moving parts adds theatricality to a car that is art and design in motion”. Every detail has been carefully studied: from the aluminium filet interrupted by the front wheel arch inherited from Disco Volante, to the grille and asymmetrical number plate taken from Aero 3, the Arese RH95’s scenic presence reaches its apex in the rear diffuser.

If the design of the exterior tickles the memory of Alfa 33 Stradale enthusiasts, much attention has been paid to the accessibility of the passenger compartment, thanks to the movement of the doors. The brightness and ergonomics of the interior impress the driver and meet with the favour of the passenger. The rear scoop is the emblematic feature of the Touring Arese RH95, the forced air intake optimises air circulation in the engine compartment and the rear trunk is linear, with no opening. The exterior and interior colour choices of the first Touring Arese RH95 cars reflect classic colours, with some original touches.

The first car is Pine Green on the outside, two silver bands on the front bonnet and tail accentuate its sporty character, while inside we find caramel and cocoa shades, with saffron accents on the seats. The differentiated colouring of the seats underlines the “cocoon” concept that personalises the driver’s cabin and enhances the passenger experience. For the second car, the bright red of Alfa 8C Competizione was chosen, with the front part in white as in the livery of the GTA racing cars of the 50s and 60s; also for the third car a livery taken from the world of racing, orange and GULF blue. Touring Arese RH95 uses the donor car chassis, whose active aerodynamics are designed to handle the new shapes and ensure dynamic performance and efficiency.