Extreme, fast and open-air. The new McLaren 765LT Spider is the latest addition to the LT series, the brand of the English manufacturer dedicated to its most high-performance models. The designers have focused everything on lightness: thanks to the more widespread use of carbon fiber, new aerodynamic appendages, new materials for the interior and a reduction of some equipment (such as air conditioning or audio system) the car weighs 80 kg less than the 720S Spider on which it is based. A featherweight that combined with the powerful 4.0 V8 765 horsepower and 800 netonmeters of torque allows this open-air Mclaren to sprint from 0 to 100 in just 2.8 seconds and from 0 to 200 in just 7.2 for a top speed of 330 km/h.

The McLaren style center led by Robert Melville has focused on characterizing the 765LT Spider with numerous aerodynamic appendages, functional to a greater stability of the car at high speeds and an aesthetic of absolute impact. Inevitable, then, the four exhaust pipes just below the large wing that brakes (as on airplanes) or crushes the car to the ground depending on the needs of the moment (aerodynamics is active).

In just 11 seconds, the 765LT Spider is able to transform itself into the fastest open-air McLaren in history. The mechanism is controlled by a button located at the base of the carbon center console and can be activated up to a speed of 50 km/h. The carbon tub that houses the cockpit is finished with quality materials that convey a sense of distinct sportiness: the driver, or perhaps it would be better to say pilot, literally drops into the cockpit wrapped in exposed carbon and black Alcantara.

“The LT’s features also call for changes in design: the elongated silhouette improves the model’s aerodynamic performance, just as the sharp body has positive effects on downforce and cooling of the technical compartment, especially during track driving,” says Robert Melville. The nose of the 765LT Spider is 48 mm longer than that of the 720S Spider and the active rear wing adds 9 mm, making the car 57 mm longer overall. As was the case with the coupe version, only 765 765LT Spiders will be sold to the public, to ensure the model is as exclusive as possible.