Istituto Europeo di Design launches its new master in yacht design for the 2021/2022 academic year. Nautical and automotive design will be the basis of an educational programme based on the growing osmosis between the worlds of yachts and cars. Lasting 11 months, the Master’s Degree taught in English has been designed for university graduates in architecture, engineering and design – transportation, product, interior – as well as professionals who want to put their skills to use in this specific field.

The objective is training of people who are able to successfully take on an array of company functions, as Exterior and Interior Designers, specialists prepared to apply techniques and tools of naval architecture to the most innovative designs, and able to work in national and international nautical design studios and shipyards.

The Master will also include a one-week immersive workshop at the H-Farm campus in synergy with the school in Venice, studying sailing boats and visiting shipyards and related businesses to help bridge the divide between the Master and the job market.

Photo credit: Picture 1, project SEE, by E. Balma, A. Heini, M. Litmanski, E. Troka, in collaboration with Azimut – Picture 2, project by J. S. Geier, V. Clerico, C. Patrizi, R. Campanella – Picture 3, project Lotus, by Y. Hai, S. Kumar, J. Peng, in collaboration with Azimut.