To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Renault 4, the French manufacturer in collaboration with designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created the Suite N°4, a concept car based on Renault 4 that wants to embody the same pure, sober and simple spirit, giving priority to efficiency and spontaneity. The car has maintained the same dimensions and external lines of the original model, while the turning point has been in the rear where the sheet metal and glass have been replaced with polycarbonate windows that provide transparency and illumination. Transparent solar panels on the roof let light through while helping to charge the car’s battery, which is now 100% electric.

“Suite N°4 is a new experience of mobility and travel. I wanted to combine the world of cars and the world of architecture to create an open-air hotel room. Even better than the finest sumptuous suite, the car is exactly where you want it to be, whether it’s by the sea, in the middle of a field or around the city you’ve always dreamed of,” says Mathieu Lehanneur.

The front of the car sports the same iconic lights, lines and silhouettes as the original. The polished aluminum front grille is completely new and is reportedly both the designer’s signature and an ode to escapism. For the yellow velvet-covered interior, the designer worked closely with the Renault team. The trunk is covered with padding and cushions that transform it into a livable space. The designers also installed a wooden bench seat that slides like a drawer and is removable to provide additional seating.

“The creative dialogue process between our teams in charge of Color & Trim and Concept-cars and Mathieu Lehanneur proved to be very fruitful. We put ourselves at the service of the designer to best create his interpretation of the vehicle. We made suggestions and set no limits, except that of feasibility,” said François Farion, Design Director at Color & Trim.