Piotr Degler, automotive photographer who boasts numerous international awards, presents his new illustrated book “Made in Italy”, the culmination of over ten years of work. The work portrays numerous extraordinary Italian cars, including concept cars and limited edition models. This is not just another book about cars: the 100 photographs contained in the “Masterpieces” section are of high quality with maniacal attention to detail. Eighty percent of the images are unpublished and were taken specifically for this work.

Together they create what the author calls “a visual experience” that is never monotonous, but instead seeks to awaken emotions at every turn of the page. It is a mixture of classic and modern cars, prototypes and production cars, studio and on location shots. The objective is not to show the most important or significant models, which today can be easily found on the internet, but to create a visual pleasure through exclusive and quality photography. For the realization of “Made in Italy”, Degler worked with most of the automobile museums, car manufacturers, Italian style centers and collectors both in Italy and around the world.

An initial section dedicated to “The Maestros” completes the work. Here you will find portraits of eleven automotive legends, who share their thoughts with us: Giampaolo Dallara, Leonardo Fioravanti, Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Flavio Manzoni, Paolo Martin, Horacio Pagani, Paolo Pininfarina, Ercole Spada, Alfredo Stola and Andrea Zagato. “Made in Italy” will be available starting in February, but can be booked now on Kickstarter.