Volvo inaugurates an ultra-fast 150 kW recharging station in the Porta Nuova district of Milan, a few steps away from Volvo Studio Milano, a dealer and event hub. The Volvo Recharge station has been designed by Land, an international landscape consulting company founded in 1990 with offices in Italy, Switzerland and Germany and which has projects in Europe, Canada, Middle East and Russia. These include Portanuova, the Raggi Verdi strategy and the redevelopment of the former Expo Mind area in Milan.

“The Volvo Recharge is not just an ordinary electricity distributor, but an integrated space within the Porta Nuova district that is experiencing a new era,” says Andreas Kipar, co-founder and ceo of Land.  “We have taken care of every aspect of this infrastructure, trying to make the concept of sustainability visible and transmit it to the urban environment,” continues Kipar. Roberta Filippino, the project leader, has designed for the ceiling of the Volvo Recharge a sky that changes color replicating the real one just like the one of Volvo Studio Milano and to give a sense of vitality to the project a plane tree has been planted directly in the ground. The themes of sustainability and biodiversity are declined through the presence on the roof of a perennial flower meadow.

The infrastructure is owned by Coima, the real estate company that has given new life to the Milanese district by building, among others, the Bosco Verticale, while the management of the infrastructure and the operating system are by Duferco and the supplier of charging services (Volvo’s partner) is Plugsurfing. Volvo Cars aims to become an all-electric car manufacturer by 2030 and plans to launch a whole new range of 100% electric cars in the next few years, as part of one of the industry’s most ambitious electrification programs. It also aspires to become a climate-neutral company by 2040.