“The T1, an icon of the 1950s, enabled mobility and the achievement of freedom. With the ID. Buzz we want to revive the T1’s DNA in the present day, i.e. in the era of electric mobility and sustainability,” says Jozef Kabaň, Head of Design at Volkswagen. The aesthetic concept of the ID Buzz. Buzz, which had its world premiere in 2017 in Detroit, was developed consistently for the production version. Jozef Kabaň comments, “The ID. Buzz is a timeless, sustainable and extremely functional vehicle – that’s what makes it unique.”

Already in the T1 version, the first Bulli, design was at the service of functionality. Form follows function – this is the fundamental maxim in automobile design that also applies to the design of the ID. Buzz. Clearly expressive forms go hand in hand with outstanding aerodynamics: the ID. Buzz achieves a cx value of 0.285, while the ID. Buzz of 0.29. No Bulli has ever been so aerodynamic. Like the new Multivan, the ID. Buzz also relies on LED technology. The front features LED headlights with a charismatic design, while in the center of the central strip, as a tribute to the T1, there is a larger Volkswagen logo than on the German manufacturer’s other models. At the rear, the ID. Buzz differs from the T6.1 in the horizontal rather than vertical orientation of the rear light clusters, showing in this detail a clear closeness to the new Multivan.

As is tradition for the Bulli, in addition to the basic colors Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will make available the ID. Buzz and the ID. Buzz Cargo also available in different body paint combinations. The full range consists of eleven different color variants: one solid color (Candy White), five metallic (Mono Silver, Lemon Yellow, Starlight Blue, Energetic Orange and Bay Leaf Green), one pearlescent (Deep Black) and four two-tone paint finishes. When the zero-emission Bulli is specified in one of the two-tone paint finishes, the upper area of the vehicle, including the roof, and the V-shaped hood are kept in Candy White.

To accommodate the raised seating position of the driver and passenger, the dashboard of the ID. Buzz takes on a very high configuration. And this is a characteristic of the Bulli. All the gauges are digital and are placed on a visual axis with impeccable ergonomics. The Digital Cockpit located in front of the driver consists of a display with a diagonal measurement of 5.3 inches. Right in the middle of the dashboard is the infotainment system with its large touch display. The standard Ready 2 Discover navigation system features a 10-inch touchscreen, while the optional Discover Pro version boasts a 12-inch screen. Beneath it, in an easily accessible position, is a control bar with digital buttons and sliders.