The starting point for BMW’s initiatives during the Design Week, to be held in Milan from 7th to 12th June, is a rather stimulating idea: a design capable of expressing itself beyond the present time, thanks to a determined drive towards recycling and sustainability, and a certain familiarity with technology. An approach already widely experienced with the i Vision Circular prototype (2021), designed, amongst other things, for an easy disassembly at the end of its life, but now ready to express itself in a more conceptual tone through the works of several young artists coordinated by Mike Meiré.

“Tales from a Neo Collective Future” is a programme of events that leads to the interpretation of the creative person as a «storyteller, and promoter of a collective imagination capable of generating unprecedented experiences, moving the soul much like the car moves the body», explains Meiré, he himself an artist, designer and for many years the art director of noteworthy magazines: «What’s more, it is a neo collective imagination because it includes and represents cultural changes, not only related to environmental protection but also to respect for minorities». Hence the location chosen for the installation, the House of BMW in Via Pietro Verri, is transfigured to host the works of Botter, a duo of multicultural stylists dedicated to a Caribbean couture rich in academic appeal and bespoke craftsmanship, Anna Deller-Yee, a German-Japanese designer-painter capable of sensorially evoking climate change, and Claudia Rafael, a Berlin-based digital experimenter who explores beauty through filters and photographic alterations. Eclectic personalities to encourage reflection through visual amazement, eliciting change and referring to a field – the car, of course – that has been revolutionised today, within a circle that closes. In a jubilation of circularity.