Renault unveiled the world premiere of its new Scénic Vision concept car at the ChangeNOW summit in Paris. The exterior anticipates the lines of an electric family car that Renault will unveil in 2024, while the interior invites travel to another time, to a future where technologies and innovations will serve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

Scénic Vision embarks on a path of more sustainable, safe and inclusive mobility. Eco-design and circular economy innovations, which include more than 70 percent recycled materials, including several closed-loop and 95 percent recyclable, contribute directly to resource conservation. Hybrid motorization, both electric and hydrogen, aims to reduce dwell times for recharging while decreasing the carbon footprint, including that of the battery. On-board technologies provide greater safety for the driver and passengers, allowing up to 70 percent fewer accidents.

At 4.49 meters long, 1.90 meters wide, 1.59 meters high and with a wheelbase of 2.83 meters, the Scenic Vision has generous, rounded shapes. The body shapes express strength and movement, emphasizing the vehicle’s strongly evolving surfaces and developing new ones. There is great precision of detail: wheels, bumper air intakes, grille elements, rear-view mirrors – cameras: everything is designed to reveal a high-definition design. At the rear, even the three-dimensional logo is in keeping with this very graphic spirit, detaching slightly from the tailgate to amplify the 3D effect. The underside of the doors, wheel arches, and front and rear skis have a matte finish thanks to the use of recycled carbon fibers in the design. The rear window is bordered by a well-marked light area: thin lines light up to signal the battery charging level, but also to inform users that the vehicle is open.

Upon entering the vehicle, the cockpit and seats move back to provide passengers and driver with maximum space and accessibility. The seats are, in fact, designed to fit their function, so the driver has a sportier, wraparound seat that allows him to stay focused throughout the journey, while the front seat passenger has a seat designed to be more comfortable, for first-class travel. In the rear, the bench seat includes two individual seats.

The steering wheel is shaped like a joystick, accentuating the technological and modern look of the cabin. It is very intuitive and easy to handle, thanks to a simple and essential design. The center console is designed with great attention to ergonomics. For smartphones, there is an induction charger at the bottom of the console, while a holder is integrated into the armrest. Scénic Vision features an extra-large display positioned at the intersection of the dashboard and windshield, as close to the horizon line as possible. The goal is to achieve the best possible visibility for the driver. Its position optimizes ergonomics and safety by allowing the driver not to take his or her eyes off the road. ,In addition to the main display, ten small adaptable, user-friendly and configurable “widget” displays have been added to the cockpit.