“Beautiful, sexy and ultra-high performance. The Vision AMG a new beginning for this sports brand that will become increasingly independent and for which we will adopt unique design solutions.” This is how Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of the Mercedes-Benz Group, tells us about the Vision AMG, a concept car that anticipates a production model that will replace the GT 4-Door Coupe in 2025 and is responsible for ushering in new styling canons that we will see on all future’s AMGs.

The Vision AMG takes advantage of the brand’s new AMG.EA platform, dedicated exclusively to the brand’s electric cars and has its own special features, as Robert Lesnik, head of exterior design at Mercedes-Benz, tells us. “This architecture allowed us to install the battery pack in the front and under the rear passenger seats. The result is a really sporty car, while often the thickness of the battery pack does not allow perfect ground clearance for performance. Instead, the Vision AMG is super low, aerodynamic and balanced,” Lesnik continues.

This concept car, which Lesnik promises will not be far from the production model, contains many new design elements that will define the AMGs of tomorrow. “The Panamericana Grille is already the face of AMG today, but in its electric version it will be closed for aerodynamic and functional reasons. So we thought of emphasizing it by backlighting its ten slats and its perimeter. Higher up, the traditional headlights have disappeared, replaced by three star-shaped light segments, simple but very effective. We want to bring as many of those elements as possible to the production model as well.”

The profile does not have any edge, all corners have been perfectly rounded for the sake of aerodynamics and in order to achieve muscular and sensual volumes, while the interior is still top secret. “The rear follows the tail pattern of the Vision EQXX, but in a shortened version. Here we also studied a new solution for the rear headlights, defined by six circular elements that resemble six exhaust pipes.” These will be the new signature AMG rear headlights. Finally, the colors. “The connection of gray and green is linked with Formula 1 and the Petronas sponsor. A reminder that means only one thing: it will be very fast.”