Quattro: perhaps a rather terse, but somewhat incisive title for the book dedicated to one of Ingolstadt’s best-known and most acclaimed innovations, already celebrating its first 40 years in 2020. More than one hundred pages of images taken by photographer Andrea Luzardi that, in deference to the presentation during the Salone del Mobile at the Audi House of Progress, set up an unprecedented relationship between the German four-wheel drive and the city of Milan: several famous prototypes appear curiously captured in the deserted streets of the fashion district during the lockdown.

«A symbol of excellence and innovation in fashion is the perfect place to celebrate a technology that changed the world of cars forever», writes Guglielmo Miani, president of MonteNapoleone District, in the opening note. The book, published by Artioli Editore 1899 in English, is edited by FuoriConcorso, a collective of enthusiasts who spread the culture of mechanics through social platforms and events. It can be purchased for 50 euro. And leafing through it, in its pleasant 30×30 cm format, the enthusiast will once again notice the stylistic role of the elements that frame the technical layout, namely the wheel arches. Not just the front or the rear, of course, so not just two but Quattro.