At Milan Design Week there was also the opportunity to talk about Walter De Silva’s new venture. The occasion was provided by the ITA Airways space, which unveiled its new cabin interior design, created by the Italian designer. After bringing to life the designs of no less than 120 automobiles, sealed by the winning of the ‘Compasso d’Oro’ for his career, he has decided to do a new professional challenge. “Design is a transversal and universal language, comprehensible to everyone, without borders, without rhetoric and without divisions. I am proud to have made my experience as a designer available to the aviation industry with ITA Airways,” explained Walter De Silva.

The cabin of an aircraft, like any space in motion, is a place to be shared that revolves more and more around travellers, entering directly and deeply into the mood and state of mind of each individual. Man and his well-being are the protagonists of this new project. For this reason, thinking about staying in a cramped cabin of an aeroplane, perhaps even for a long time, Walter De Silva has thought of a space to be designed around man with great attention to comfort, safety and the experience of each person. The project for ITA Airways was led by designer Mario Antonioli, who worked to respond to the indications received from ITA Airways with a design consistent with the brand identity of the new national airline, which would emphasise “Made in Italy” eco-sustainability and all the other characteristics with which they want to look at the mobility of the future.

Walter De Silva e Mario Antonioli

A project that has made beauty and elegance, with a focus on simplicity and comfort, its strong points to convey that typical feeling of being at home to anyone who boards an ITA Airways aircraft. This made the choice of sustainable colours and materials, such as wool and leather, essential, while keeping in mind the technical complexity and constraints imposed by strict aviation regulations. Blue and sand colours, in their various shades, are absolutely natural, as is the setting of the on-board lighting, which changes smoothly according to the different situations. Thus, different light colours were designed depending on the location and time of the flight. Warm colours that with the intervention of smart lighting applied to the passenger’s wellbeing and comfort during the journey, have the task of making the stay on board pleasant, recreating a typical Mediterranean atmosphere inside the cabin.