The Istituto Europeo di Design presents the thesis projects of the Transportation Design graduates (a.y. 2021/22), born from the collaboration with the Hyundai Europa style centre in Frankfurt. Compact sports vehicles, measuring 4.4 metres in length and powered by a hydrogen powertrain, capable of combining driving pleasure and high performance with sustainable mobility geared towards improving people’s lives. “Young talent makes a vital contribution,” commented Thomas Burkle, Chief Designer in the Hyundai Europe Style Centre. “Their innovative and out-of-the-ordinary outlook is able to make a difference, supported by Hyundai’s technological know-how. We are very happy to have collaborated once again with IED Turin, the students interpreted our brief with great commitment, coming up with very interesting solutions and truly innovative ideas”. “We are proud of the link between the Istituto Europeo di Design and Hyundai, with whom we are celebrating our third collaboration in the field of Transportation Design projects,” said Paola Zini, director of IED Turin.

The proposals were developed in their entirety, in exteriors and interiors, starting from the initial phase of study, brand and market analysis, style research and sketching, to the final phase of 3D modelling and video rendering.


Straight from the metaverse and a world inspired by gaming comes HYDRONE_01, designed by Sara Conte, Emilio Palmieri, Filippo Checcucci and Francesco Pizzitola. A sporty hatchback, dedicated to real and video game driving enthusiasts. Shapes and surfaces with pronounced theorists create a low polygon effect that draws its formal inspiration from vintage video games and that translates everything into a visionary automotive style. An emptying of the rear allows for a lightness that is not only visual and the dual colouring emphasises the two souls of the vehicle.


AVA is the name of the concept car by Pietro Artigiani, Federico Boasso, Luca Orsillo and Nicolò Arici. A compact coupé that succeeds in satisfying the aesthetic demands of sports car enthusiasts by leaving the technical components and powertrain visible, thanks to an aerodynamic study and an interesting asymmetrical appearance of the frontal elements, such as the headlights.


Designed by Adam Marian Cal, Giorgio Bonetti, Riccardo Seveso and Arthur Brecht Poppe, ASKJA is a crossover hatchback, dedicated to a new conception of sportiness, far removed from the world of track racing, but open to new terrain and an exploration of the most unspoilt nature, while respecting the environment, thanks to a zero-emission engine and two external integrable cylinders, for long distances.