Mini unveils Aceman, a new concept car that anticipates a brand new, 100 per cent electric model around 4 metres long that will sit between the Cooper and the Countryman. This concept car emphasises the technological and design innovations that Mini believes will define the driving pleasure of the future. A purely electric drive, the clear and reduced design language of Charismatic Simplicity, a new digital experience inside the passenger compartment and responsible material design with the absolute absence of leather and chrome elements. “The purely electric vehicle concept allows design to be oriented towards Mini’s traditional values, in line with the principle of creative use of space,” says Oliver Heilmer, Head of Mini Design.  “This creates models that take up little space on the road, while offering more comfort, more versatility and more excitement inside than ever before.”

The Charismatic Simplicity styling principle, realised by the design team led by Oliver Heilmer, emphasises the essential, giving the typical design features of the British Bmw Group brand an even greater significance. Remaining true to the brand’s traditional values, but with a passion for technological innovation, the new Mini design creates a vehicle with an exciting character, futuristic appeal and bold styling. A functional hatchback design with reduced overhangs extracts the maximum possible space for occupants and luggage from a minimum surface area. The Mini Concept Aceman has four doors, a large boot and five seats.

Like the exterior, the interior also follows a new stylistic and content-related approach. Surfaces made of knitted recycled fabric with colour contrasts combine with seamless digital controls, with a new Oled display as the central interface, while the infotainment software is Android-based. All this creates a unique interior experience that is unmistakably Mini. The next-generation all-electric models will also receive independent sound design for the first time, providing emotionally engaging driving sounds and an authentic soundtrack for the new Experience Modes.