Bentley Mulliner is completing the craftsmanship of 12 of the rarest Bentleys of the modern era: the Bacalar, the ultimate expression of Bentley’s open-top luxury and the first in a new series of bespoke projects that have driven Bentley Mulliner’s return to coachbuilding. The completion of the Bacalars will allow the Mulliner team to focus their attention on their next project, which will be unveiled soon.

“Designing a Bacalar is an exercise in imagination: every material, colour and finish of every interior and exterior surface is tailor-made. The buyer can decide on virtually anything involving colours and materials, whether they choose their car with a bold Yellow Flame exterior paint made from rice husk ash, or opt for a more subtle moss green that reflects Bentley’s heritage,” says Maria Mulder, Bentley’s Head of Colours, Finishes and Materials.

Sustainable materials that can equip the Bacalar were previewed on the EXP 100 GT concept car. These include paints containing plant elements, natural wool fabrics and 5,000-year-old Riverwood mouldings from the ancient Fenlands in eastern England. From the use of precious inlays and unique finishes to the driver’s controls, to the 148,199 individual stitches required to embroider the exclusive Bacalar quilt on each seat, owners will find details and components never before seen on a Bentley. Bacalar wants to revive the art of the Mulliner coachbuilder who specialises in providing cars built for only a few, discerning customers. Each car is the result of direct interaction between the Bentley Mulliner design team and each individual buyer.