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Salone del Mobile, cinquant’anni per guardare al futuro

Quest’anno il Salone del Mobile di Milano ha festeggiato i suoi cinquanta anni. Nato nel 1961 su iniziativa dell’associazione di categoria Federlegno Arredo, da allora è stato gestito dal Cosmit (acronimo di Comitato organizzatore del [...]

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Outdoor furniture

Today’s interest in the outdoor lifestyle is even sweeping through furniture design. This can clearly be seen in furniture shows, with exhibitions or entire halls dedicated to the theme, and is corroborated by statistics, which [...]

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Nautical types

While little known outside specialist circles, nautical design is very interesting from many different standpoints. These include aspects such as technology and research, into not just materials and production processes but also into new design [...]

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High-tech fabrics

The New York exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Extreme textiles: Designing for High Performance, open until January, reflects on the extraordinary development of textiles in design. Curated by Matilda McQuaid, who is responsible [...]

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